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Rebecca Barkin Joins Lamina1 as CEO, Paving Way for Open Metaverse

• Rebecca Barkin, former executive at Magic Leap, has been promoted to CEO of metaverse-focused layer 1 blockchain protocol Lamina1.
• Barkin will be in charge of all business operations, partnerships, fundraising, developer relations, and the execution of the product roadmap.
• Lamina1 was first teased in June as a foundation for an open metaverse and launched the Lamina1 Ecosystem Fund late last year.

Rebecca Barkin, former executive at Magic Leap, has been appointed to serve as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of metaverse-focused layer 1 blockchain protocol Lamina1. With this promotion, Barkin will be in charge of all business operations at Lamina1, including partnerships, fundraising efforts, developer relations, and the execution of the product roadmap.

Barkin joined Lamina1 in August as the company’s President and is now taking on the role of CEO. She brings to the table a wealth of experience from her time at Magic Leap, where she served as Chief Revenue Officer and was responsible for overseeing all revenue-generating activities.

Lamina1, the brainchild of science-fiction author Neal Stephenson and global blockchain expert Peter Vessenes, was first teased in June as the foundation for an open metaverse. The promise of the Lamina1 protocol is to provide users with the tools to create, publish, and monetize their own 3D content, applications, and virtual worlds.

The team launched the Lamina1 Ecosystem Fund (L1EF) late last year, a $50 million fund aimed at supporting the development of the Lamina1 protocol and ecosystem. The fund is backed by prominent investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Decentraland, and Elad Gil, among others.

The Lamina1 team is excited to have Barkin at the helm and looks forward to her leadership in driving the project forward. With her expertise and drive, Lamina1 is poised to become the leading infrastructure for virtual worlds.

Immunefi Bans 15 Users for Submitting ChatGPT-Regenerated Bug Reports

• Immunefi, a crypto platform, has recently banned 15 users who submitted ChatGPT-regenerated bug reports.
• OpenAI’s ChatGPT has stirred controversy since its launch, with the Twitterverse commenting on how the software could eventually create code, write stories, steal jobs and even fight wildfires.
• Immunefi developers stated that the platform’s reasoning on the subject is crystal clear, as there is a difference between something like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT.

Immunefi, a crypto platform that pays out bounties to white hat hackers, has recently taken a firm stance on ChatGPT-regenerated bug reports. 15 users were banned last week for submitting such reports to the platform, with Immunefi developers claiming that there is a difference between something like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been a hot topic in the Twitterverse, with many discussing how the software could eventually create code, write stories, steal jobs and even fight wildfires. But Immunefi is not having any of it. In a statement to CoinDesk, Immunefi developers said that the platform’s reasoning on the subject is crystal clear for now. “There’s a difference between something like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT,” the statement said. “With the former, you are driving the process and the role of Copilot is offering useful suggestions in context, which you accept or reject as you write your program. With the latter, you are using a single prompt to generate something that looks like a well-written bug report, but is nonsense.”

Immunefi’s stance has been met with mixed reactions. Some have applauded the platform for taking a stance against what they perceive as an unethical practice, while others feel that such actions are unjustified. However, Immunefi has made it clear that it is not taking any chances when it comes to the quality of bug reports that it receives.

The ban on ChatGPT-regenerated bug reports is a sign that Immunefi is taking its security measures seriously. It is a reminder that security is paramount in the crypto world, and that all bug reports should be taken seriously and handled with the utmost care. By banning these 15 users, Immunefi is sending a clear message that it is not willing to compromise on the quality of its bug reports.

Negative Yields Vanish, Bitcoin Rally Weakens: Analysts Warn of Pullback

• The global stockpile of negative-yielding bonds has vanished as central banks around the world raise interest rates at a record pace.
• Analysts had previously cited the stockpile of negative-yielding debt as a source of bullish momentum for bitcoin, which rose sixfold in the six months to April 2021.
• With the vanishing of negative-yielding debt, the case for investing in bitcoin has weakened.

As central banks around the world continue to raise interest rates at a record pace in order to combat inflation, the global stockpile of negative-yielding debt has vanished, weakening the case for investing in risky alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies. The value of the Global Negative-Yielding Debt Index from Bloomberg and Barclays has dropped to zero from a record high of $18.4 trillion in December 2020.

Negative-yielding debt is when investors receive less money at maturity than the original buying price, so the higher the number of negative-yielding bonds in circulation, the more investors would be incentivized to move their money into riskier investments like bitcoin. This incentive was increased following the coronavirus-induced crash of March 2020, as central banks injected record liquidity into markets and economies through rate cuts and bond purchases.

The result of this was that investors moved their money out of fixed-income securities and into Bitcoin (BTC) and tech stocks. This drove the price of Bitcoin up sixfold in the six months to April 2021, reaching record highs above $60,000.

However, now that the global stockpile of negative-yielding debt has vanished, the incentive for investors to move their money into riskier investments such as Bitcoin has significantly decreased. As such, the case for investing in Bitcoin has weakened. Analysts have warned that this could lead to a pullback in the price of Bitcoin, as investors look to more stable assets to put their money into.

Verbum: Breaking Down Language Barriers in the Metaverse

• OneMeta AI has unveiled Verbum, a service providing real-time translation for up to 50 individuals in 82 languages and 40 dialects.
• Verbum can also provide voice translations, making it a great fit for the metaverse.
• This technology could solve the language problem that has been a barrier to entry for many in the metaverse.

The metaverse is a virtual world that is theoretically open to everyone, but language has been an issue for many users. OneMeta AI has developed a solution called Verbum that could solve this problem. Verbum is a real-time translation service that can handle up to 50 individuals speaking in 82 languages and 40 dialects. It also offers voice translations, making it a great fit for the metaverse. This technology could provide a much-needed barrier to entry in the virtual world, as it would allow people to communicate regardless of their native language. By breaking down language barriers, Verbum could open the metaverse up to a much larger audience.

The potential of this technology is huge. For example, it could be used to facilitate international business meetings, allowing people from all over the world to communicate without having to worry about language barriers. It could also be used in education, allowing people to learn about different cultures without ever having to leave their homes. In addition, it could be a great tool for connecting people from different backgrounds and fostering understanding and collaboration.

Verbum is a game-changing technology that could revolutionize the metaverse. By providing real-time translation in dozens of languages, it could make the metaverse accessible to people from all over the world. This could be a huge boon for the virtual world, as it would open the door to a much larger audience. Verbum could be the key to unlocking the full potential of the metaverse and making it a truly global experience.

Unlocking the Potential of Bosch Smart Grow Life

Bosch is a company that has existed for more than a century and continues to offer high-quality products to its customers all over the globe. One of the most innovative developments by Bosch are Smart Grow Life, a innovative system that is designed to make gardening more simple than before. Smart Grow Life is a ideal solution for any gardener or lover of plants and has the potential to drastically improve living quality of people who decide to utilize it.

The Benefits of Bosch Smart Grow Life

Smart Grow Life provides a variety of advantages that go beyond the simple fact that plants can be grown more effectively. It’s created to be efficient and user-friendly, which makes it easy to set up and use. Furthermore, Smart Grow Life is green, using green energy resources to fuel the systems as well as giving a sustainable method of gardening. Additionally, Smart Grow Life is very adaptable and lets users customize the environment of their garden to meet their preferences.

An Overview of the Features

One of the most important advantages in Smart Grow Life is its ability to alter the environment so that it can maximize the growth of plants. It does this by observing the humidity, temperature, and light levels within the room, then automatically adjusting the climate accordingly. Furthermore, Smart Grow Life also includes a water reservoir which can be utilized to supply the plants enough water to meet their require. Additionally, Smart Grow Life also comes with a timer that could be utilized to regulate whether the system is running and also when it is not.

How Smart Grow Life Works

Smart Grow Life is relatively simple to use. After installation users just need to connect it and then select the desired settings. The system will then be able to observe the surroundings and adjust the settings to suit. Users can make use of the timer to determine whether the system is in use and inactive. In addition, Smart Grow Life also comes with a built-in reservoir for water which can be used to supply plant life with water it require.

The Ease of Installation

One of the biggest benefits that comes with Smart Grow Life is that it is extremely easy to set up. It’s designed to be easy to install, meaning that users don’t need to be concerned about complicated wiring or installation. Furthermore, Smart Grow Life also includes detailed instructions to help make the installation process simpler. Additionally, Smart Grow Life is priced reasonably affordable, making it accessible to all.

The Simplicity of Use

After Smart Grow Life is installed it’s incredibly easy to utilize. The system was created to be easy for users, with an user-friendly interface that allows users to change the settings. Furthermore, the system has a timer which can be used to regulate the time of the system’s activation as well as when it is off. In addition, Smart Grow Life also has detailed instructions that help users comprehend how the system operates.

The Versatility of Bosch Smart Grow Life

One of the biggest benefits that comes with Smart Grow Life is its flexibility. It was created to be extremely flexible and allows users to modify the setting to fit their requirements. Furthermore, Smart Grow Life is extremely user-friendly and is suitable for novices as well as experienced gardeners. Additionally, Smart Grow Life is also extremely affordable, which makes it affordable for the majority of people.

The Eco-Friendly Nature of Smart Grow Life

Smart Grow Life is also environmentally friendly. It is built to make use of sustainable energy to run the systems, which makes it a truly green option. In addition, Smart Grow Life is extremely efficient, which means that it consumes less energy than conventional gardening methods. In addition, Smart Grow Life is extremely simple to set up and users don’t have to be concerned about complicated wiring or installation.


Bosch Smart Grow Life is an amazing system that has the potential to transform our gardening habits. It’s designed to be effective and user-friendly, making it easy to set up and use. Furthermore, Smart Grow Life is very versatile and environmentally-friendly which makes it ideal for both experienced and novice gardeners. In addition, Smart Grow Life is extremely affordable, making it affordable for the majority of people. Through unlocking the capabilities in Bosch Smart Grow Life, users will be able to enjoy greener and more efficient gardening experience.

How to Properly Shut Down a Laptop Without Powering Off

As technology improves our way of using our devices has drastically changed. It is no longer necessary to turn off laptops whenever it’s time to turn off. In many instances we’re now able to shut down the laptop and not turn off the power. This is known as „laptop close without power off“ and this article will provide instructions on how to accomplish this.

Understanding the Basics

Before you turn off your laptop and not turning off the power, you have to know the fundamentals of the procedure. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your laptop will be operating even if it’s not turned on. This means that open documents or programs remain active, and it is important that you should save all work has not been saved.

Tips for Shutting Down

The first step to closing down your laptop and not shutting off power is to backup any open files or programs. Also, you should shut off any unneeded applications currently running. This will make sure that your laptop does not run programs after it is shut down. After you’ve done this and switched off all unnecessary programs, you are able to proceed with the following step.

Saving Files

When it’s time to close down your laptop, it is recommended to always save any documents or files that you’ve worked on. This is essential because it guarantees that the work you’ve done will be saved and accessible whenever you turn your computer back on. To save a document simply click the „Save“ button in the left-hand corner of the window for document. It is also possible to use“Save as“ or the „Save As“ option if you’d like to save your document using an alternative name or in another place.

Turning Off Unnecessary Programs

Before shutting down your laptop, ensure that all unnecessary programs are disabled. This will assure that your computer will not be running any unneeded programs after it shuts down. To shut down the program, just click on the icon of the program and choose „Exit“ or „Quit“. This will shut down the program and ensure that it’s not operating in background.

Exiting Programs Properly

If it’s time to close the laptop down, ensure that any open programs are shut down properly. This implies that the application should be shut down in the same way as it was launched. If a program was launched with the shortcut, it must be closed by using the shortcut. If a program was launched through double-clicking the program should be shut down by double-clicking the icon. Then, the application closes properly and not to run in the background.

Closing All Windows

When closing off your computer, it’s crucial to ensure that all windows have been closed. In this way, open windows aren’t left unattended and running. To close a window simply click the „X“ in the top right corner of the window. The window will then close and make sure that it’s no longer running as background.

Preparing for Shutdown

After you’ve saved any open documents, disabled all unnecessary programs and closed all windows that are open Then, you are able to prepare for shutting down. This means you must ensure that your laptop isn’t operating any other processes or programs on the background. To accomplish this, simply start the Task Manager and ensure that all processes have been shut down. Additionally, you can use“End Task,“ which is the „End Task“ option to stop any processes still running.


The process of shutting down your laptop without turning off the power is a straightforward procedure that will save you energy and time. If you follow the steps within this post, you will be able to effortlessly close your laptop and not shut it off. Make sure you save all open documents, shut off all unnecessary programs and close all windows that are open prior to closing them. Once you’ve completed this you are now able to prepare for shutting down and then shutdown your laptop with no power shut off.

Chrome OS ISO Download

Chrome OS is an operating system created by Google that was created to run on mobile devices with less specifications. Chrome OS is a lot like in many ways to Android operating system. Apps that are installed as standard on Chrome OS include Google Chrome Browser, Playstore as well as a variety of other applications that are built by Google. It is possible to install additional applications using the Playstore which is offered through Chrome OS.

Advantages of Chrome OS

Chrome OS claims to be virus-free , so users are protected from the encroachment of numerous computer viruses like the ones found in Windows. Additionally, Chrome OS is also lightweight enough to be used on a variety of devices, including Laptops / Computers although with minimal specifications. Chrome OS is also downloaded by other programs through the PlayStore. Chrome OS is free and it is available for free for as long as you want.

Disadvantages of Chrome OS

If you are used to using Windows the system, you will need to re-adjust so that you can use the Chrome OS built-in apps. Chrome OS certainly does not provide the support for popular apps included within Windows However, of course there are other alternatives to applications that might be comparable in some ways to Windows OS. Additionally, Chrome OS is usually restricted to specific circles.

Chrome OS ISO Download

It is possible to download Chrome OS ISO hrough the following link.

Google OS Quick Install Guide

In order to install Chrome OS, you must start running Linux first. Here we bundle using Linux Mint. If you want to make bootable media, however, I suggest using USB as well as software such as Rufus. After you have installed Linux Mint, you need to navigate to your „Computer > File System > cdrom > Chrome OS“ folder. Right-click on the blank space and select „Open in Terminal“. After that, you can execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install cgpt pv cgpt sudo sh

Enter “ yes“ and press “ Enter“ when you are asked.

After you’ve finished installing, you are able to restart your computer or laptop and launch the Chrome OS which is already installed. Do not forget to disconnect USB bootable devices or the media you’re using to run Linux Mint.

The best over-ear headphones for 2022: wireless and wired over-ears that fit all budgets

Best Over-Ear Headphones Buying Guide Welcoming to the What Hi-Fi? Our roundup of the top headphones for over-ear that you can purchase in 2022.

If you’re looking for a pair of wired, over-ear headphones to enjoy listening to your music in a quiet setting at home, or aid in your focus when working at work or wireless headphones to wear to the go The best headphones for over-ears will provide excellent audio that will let you be absorbed in your music regardless of what kind. Contrary to the on-ear headphones that have earpads that rest on them, the pads on over-ear headphones rest on your ears, covering the earpads completely for a more private listening experience.

While both on-ear or earbuds models have a place and space, if desire to immerse yourself in the music of your choice, over-ear headphones can truly envelope you in the music of your choice…

How do we pick the most suitable over-ear headphones?

Nowadays, headphones for over-ear use are available in a variety of styles. There are wired models that have open-back (which let sound out) and closed-back (which aren’t) models that are designed to be used at home where mobility isn’t the main concern but using wires while on the go is acceptable also but, obviously. Wireless pairs that are practical for on-the-go, portable listening. Some have active noise cancellation to provide greater privacy while listening to music. This is an absolute Godsend in noisy areas.

Our selection of the top headphones for over-ears below cover the entire spectrum of budgets and types. They include the most reliable wired headphones as well as the the best wireless headphones and the most effective headphones that block out noise. Do you want a set of premium headphones to connect to your computer or component hi-fi system? Here is a comprehensive listing of most excellent headphones for audiophiles as well.

So , if you’re in a limbo over which pair to go with This list will provide you with an extensive overview of the options available. Every pair in this list has passed an exhaustive How Hi-Fi? testing process and, if it’s the four- or five-star rating, bears our seal of approval as the best headphones for over-ear use available.

1. Sony WH-1000XM5

The same design, the same result for Sony’s newest premium noise-cancelling headphones

It’s not easy for a manufacturer to increase the sound quality of a product across generations, however, that’s exactly the way Sony has done with its WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones (just as it did with the switch from XM3 into the XM4 and also the generational leaps prior to that actually).

In addition, it was achieved by executing an extensive redesign.

We first saw the official photos from the Sony XM5, we were quite awestruck. We wondered if it was a good idea to make one of Sony’s most significant success stories of recent times an overhaul. It’s been a huge success.

The latest Sony XM5 headphones might feel less premium to hold than they did before however the leap in quality of sound from the previous model is significant and the competition could again be in the middle of a battle to get out. If you’re looking for the latest pair of noise-cancelling headphones that are wireless you should begin your search right here. The previous XM4 were the most effective available and are the first choice for people who are on a budget, but the XM5 are definitely more suitable for those who are able to spend the money for.

2. Grado SR325x

The open-backed wired headphones are the best to beat at this point.

The Prestige series of headphones is at the center of the Grado’s product line since its introduction more than three decades ago. Although the range has evolved throughout the years, Grado has always done this in smaller steps. The story is unchanged for the new „x“ generation.

The SR325x is a range-topping model right next to its immediate model (the What Hi-Fi? Award-winning SR325e) There’s nothing to distinguish them apart from the new , more rounded foam earpads, updated cables and lighter-colored stitching on the headband that is firmly cushioned. The difference lies in the sound that the SR325x have sound significantly better and more precise than their predecessors.

They’ve always been precise and articulate performers This hasn’t changed however the „x“ generation is specific and insightful.

The Grados have once more proven that evolution is in fact the most reliable method of improving things over an eye-catching design revolution. The best is now even better.

3. Austrian Audio Hi-X15

Affordable and talented wired headphones that are suitable for home use

Austrian Audio, born out of former employees at AKG It has hit the starting blocks with its first collection of wired headphones called Hi-X.

We’d say that the Hi-X15 as an expensive pair of headphones that are analytical however, they manage to entertain music through it. They extract tons of details, but they preserve the essence of the music. In the entire frequency range, these headphones consistently provide great detail and amazing sound quality. There’s not a drop of fat in any track that’s played by these headphones. Austrian AudioHi-X15 headphone. However, there’s enough substance and weight to the lower frequencies so that you don’t feel like you’re missing something.

We’d not recommend pairing them with a suitable headphones or DAC However, if you do, you’ll get high-quality headphones that surpass in price.