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SUDEM-CLI project: 3rd workshop

Dr. Isabelle La Jeunesse (University of d’Angers, France), project partner of CLIMB participated in one of series of workshops (Louvain, Belgium, on the 1st of October 2011). The aim was bringing together all sectors (climatologists, hydrologists / water engineers, biologists / ecologists and policy makers). Hydro-meteorologists, sociologists and economists collaborating in the ongoing ADAPT and CCI-HYDR projects were also invited to take part in these workshops and bring up their expertise for general discussion around climate change and environmental friendly adaptation measures with specific focus on the case study. The objectives of these workshops were: to take stock of what is known in pertinent fields and identify the connections between them; to foster communication across the disciplinary and academic lines that divide us so as to push forward the research to an efficient and fruitful ways; Based on the case study specific focus, delineating the state-of-the-art from which we then can develop both a research and action agenda within the context of climate change in Belgium, with a view on assessing other impacted sectors; to asses the impact of climate change on the aquatic river valley and floodplains biodiversity; Integration of technical outcomes in subbasin management policy and plans.

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