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2010-07-06 - 2010-07-07

"CLIWASEC – A cluster of FP7 research projects on climate change, water and security in Southern Europe and neighbouring regions"

At the international workshop "Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Reducing Water-related Risks in Europe" in Belgium/Brussels, the CLIWASEC cluster (on climate change, water and security in Southern Europe and neighbouring regions) was represented by Prof. Ralf Ludwig (CLIMB co-ordinator, LMU Munich) and Dr. Thomas Ammerl (CLIMB project manager, BayFOR Munich). This research cluster  has been established among three FP7 research Projects which were selected for funding through the 2009 FP7 Call for proposals: CLIMB and WASSERMed, which addresses Theme 6 (“Environment, including Climate Change), and CLICO, addressing Theme 8 (“Socioeconomic Sciences and Humanities”). The main objective of the CLIWASEC cluster, which brings together a critical mass of scientists from 44 partner institutions of 19 different European and international countries, is to identify and foster scientific synergies and to establish a more efficient policy outreach strategy.

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