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2011-01-12 - 2011-01-15

Workshop on Science and Data Gaps in EU Climate Change and Water-Related Projects

A workshop with the support of the European Commission and the Project Officer of the ACQWA Project, Dr. Philippe Quevauviller. After recent discussions with the European Commission, it became apparent that it would be useful to hold a workshop between the coordinators and perhaps a limited number of key scientists working within European FP6 and FP7 projects that are broadly related to water and climate. The aim of this meeting was to identify key strengths and weaknesses in the different projects, and see whether some of the weaknesses (methodologies, models, data) could be overcome through (i) collaborative action with other projects or through (ii) the suggestion of future call topics and the initiation of new projects. If this approach were to be successful, there would indeed be added value to all the projects that we collectively represent. CLIMB was represented by the LMU Munich and BayFOR.

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