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2010-12-02 - 2010-12-03

1st SCARCE Annual Conference

Understanding effects of global change on water quantity and quality in river basins.

SCARCE is a CONSOLIDER-INGENIO project that aims to understand the effects on rivers being submitted to multiple stressors. SCARCE is developed at four river watersheds in the Mediterranean basin, in order to understand trends and potentials operating at different scales. Iberian Rivers and most of those located in the Mediterranean area are under strong environmental stress due to alterations in water flow, light and temperature regime, nutrient concentration and increasing arrival of toxicants. Potential effects in arid and semiarid regions are related withdecreasing resources, variations in water quality, and effects in the ecosystems. CLIMB should have been represented by the LMU Munich, but because of bad weather conditions the flight to Girona was cancelled.

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